You can meet with an Melusine scout at our open by appointment only. Call 323-800-1662 for appointment

Please bring current snapshots with you – they do not have to be professional photos.

Women should be between 5’8”-5’11” and ages 13-24. Men should be between 5’11”-6’3” and ages 15-30. Our men’s division is also currently seeking ‘big and tall’ models. Suit size 44-48L.

If you cannot arrange an appointment for an open call, please submit online through our online link.



We only respond if we are interested. See below for photo submission tips:

1. Headshot straight on

2. Full length body shot

3. 3/4 shot straight on

4. Headshot profiles



Things to keep in mind:

1. Do not pose

2. Shoot with a plain wall or simple background behind you

3. Wear a swimsuit

4. Digital photos are best

5. Keep your hair pulled back

6. Do not upload large photo files

7. Be as natural as possible – NO MAKE UP!!!

8. Make sure to include all your statistics including, age, birth date, height and measurements